The idea of ​​mezze is very old. Probably the word comes from the Persian word maza, which means "snack" or "taste," or from the Arabic verb mazmiz, which means "nibble."
In Lebanon, both wine and arrack are considered indispensable when enjoying mezze. Snacks and appetite generators served with non-alcoholic beverages, such as tea or sorbet, are commonly called muqabbalat instead of mezze.

Mezze may be a bit like Tapas, but they are larger portions. By putting together your own menu, you eat very varied and you can taste fantastic combinations of various North African dishes.

There are both hot and cold dishes, soups, salads and supplements.

How it works (for example):

- four cold mezze of your choice + olives: 7.50

- the warm mezze and special salads cost 7.50 each

- supplements cost 3.50 each

Order 3 x mezze at 7.50 then you pay 19.50 (instead of 22.50). This offer is only valid per customer.
Order 3 x mezze at 7.50 and pay 19.50 instead of 22.50. This offer is only valid per customer.